Tasting Room Features

We opened our new tasting facility in March 2017 and have been warmly welcoming wine lovers, families, and friends to our inviting, open, and elegant winery. If you’re planning a visit to Rappahannock County, in search of fine Virginia-grown wine, or simply looking to encounter on something new, come to Quièvremont!

Tasting Menu

(Nota Bene: We waive the tasting fee on a per person basis with the purchase of one bottle.)

Full Flight: $10 / person
Includes five (5) wines—at the moment, one chardonnay, one rosé, and three reds.


Looking to come with your wine group to Rappahannock County? We’ll happily host you and your friends, though we do ask that groups of 6+ give us advance notice of at least 24 hours.

Please call or email: 540.827.4579 / karl@quievremont.com. Thank you!

Pictures from the Winery